Our Story

After years of struggling with very, very sensitive skin I decided to see if I could find something that would be gentle on my skin and cleanse as well.


I explored and found a very generous community that made handmade soap. What was so special about handmade soap? I asked. 


Well, to begin with, using organic ingredients, no alcohol, no ingredients that I couldn’t even pronounce on the ingredient list, made me look twice. 


I the learned that soap companies often take the glycerin out of the soap and sell it to cosmetic companies because they can make more money selling to those companies than leaving it in soap. Glycerin acts as a humectant for your skin which means it holds moisture and attracts moisture to your skin. This allows your skin to stay hydrated. We leave it in the soap.


We make Natural Hand Made Soap which does more than clean, it moisturizes your skin because the glycerin remains in the soap. Soap can also be made so the combination of oils used can create a bar which focuses on a high moisture content.  

This what I do. I have psoriasis and have tried every soap, moisturizer under the sun. Today I use my soap, healing balm, body butter and my skin is happy.


I wanted to share this with others as I understand how difficult it is to live with very sensitive skin.


As the planet warms our skin is susceptible to increased drying and even more detrimental conditions. Our soaps, butter, balms will help to relieve this pain.


Our story continues to help other and bring relief to all.