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Whole Body Exfoliating Himalayan Salts - Lemongrass

Whole Body Exfoliating Himalayan Salts - Lemongrass

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As with the Rose product, the Lemongrass Whole Body Salts is just as nice.

Use this to gently exfoliate your skin. Feet, elbows and other areas which need some extra help to get rid of dry skin. 

As the Himalayan salt is extremely healing in so many ways using this with warm water, massage gently into skin and the results are immediate. 

Mix well to disperse the oils throughout the salts.

Ingredients: Pink Himalayan Salt, Organic Coconut oil, vitamin  E, lemongrass essential oil.


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What makes us different?

When I think about the sun, I get a sunburn. I started this company to create natural, clean, effective product to help those with sensitive skin problems like myself.

Our difference is simple. Our products are focused on MOISTURE for your skin.

If the ingredients of big, cheap, name brand soaps don't affect your skin (which they do), then this product is not for you.

Whether it is soap, body butter, healing balm, lip balm, salt scrubs(yes, salt scrubs can lead to softer & moister skin).

Welcome to our store! Enjoy yourself.

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